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we would love to meet you!

because we are consistently growing, we are always on the look out for talented hair stylists, nail technicians, barbers and salon coordinators to join our team. we have 2 salon locations, as well as a nail salon and a barber shop.

new stylists.

our stylist level system allows us to skip the traditional apprenticeship programs in favor of on the floor training. new stylists begin at level 1, working daily with clients, and the assistance of our senior stylist team. we offer individualized education, as well as our quarterly "BOOM CAMP" events. BOOM CAMPS are education days that are directed by senior studio boom stylists. we do fun things such as timed foiling and color application games, technical things like foil placements and haircutting techniques, and important things, such as social media strategy, client retention, and Q+A circles.

established stylists.

we pride ourselves on being unlike any salon you've worked at before. we consistently go above and beyond to make sure that our employees and their guests are well taken care of. we invite you to contact any of our current employees and chat with them about our salon and environment. better yet ... come spend a day with us!

for all.

studio boom is a commission salon. we offer 50% service commission and 15% retail commission. hair stylists work on a level system, with each level up offering higher service pricing. each time you reach a new level, your pay is increased.

some other benefits we offer include:

  • 401K

  • paid sick time

  • kaiser health insurance

  • aflac supplemental insurance

  • direct deposit

  • education

  • advancement plans

  • 2x per year pay increases

  • full management staff

  • full front desk staff during all open hours

  • maintenance/repair staff

  • schedule management

  • salon scale system

  • online booking

  • software app on your phone

  • high end retail

  • full backbar

  • hair extension certification

  • fun, laid back environment

  • flexible scheduling

what are you waiting for?

we are currently looking for great people to fill our new 3,000 sf expansion project. give us a call

303-774-9880, send us an email or stop on by 1350 ken pratt blvd. longmont 80501.

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