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We require a 24 hour notice if an adjustment needs to be made to your scheduled appointment. this allows us to offer that availability to another guest from our waiting list.

Our stylists are in high demand and work on a commission basis. When an appointment is cancelled last minute, or simply no-showed, that stylist misses the opportunity to be paid for that time. We reserve ample time in our scheduling for services, which sometimes means several hours for the stylist goes unpaid.

For each appointment scheduled, you will receive an immediate text confirming the date and time. You will then receive 2 reminder texts within the 2 days prior to your appointment. These texts prompt you to reply with a "C", letting us know that you are confirming and will be attending your appointment. The first reminder text is sent with ample time for you to cancel within our requested 24 hours, should you wish to do so. If we do not hear back from you after both attempts by text, we will attempt to reach you by phone. If we are still unable to reach you, your appointment may be cancelled at that time.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment, you must let us know via phone.



we understand that life happens, and there may be times that giving the appropriate notice isn't possible. after one occurrence of a missed appointment, we may require that  any future appointments are pre -paid.

we appreciate your understanding.


we're not perfect. we sometimes make mistakes or maybe don't get things just right the first time around. there can also be miscommunication between you and your stylist, or even a disconnect between personality types ... whatever the reason, we want you to not only be happy, but to be in love with your hair! we are always happy to make any adjustments necessary within 2 weeks of your service. If we are at fault, we will always make it right at no charge to you, however, please consider the following ...

- A change of mind is different from a mistake. You may have thought you'd look hot AF as a red head, but now you hate it, or your husband hates it. Either way, that would be considered a change of mind.

- Lightening doesn't always go as planned. In order to protect the integrity of your hair, we may need to lighten slowly over several sessions. This means that you may not leave the salon with the blonde of your dreams until the process is complete.

- Vivid colors will fade. There is simply no way around it. Your stylist will give you washing instructions and suggest certain shampoos and conditioners that will help prolong the color. Following our instructions and recommendations will help, but the colors are still going to fade.

we will always try to give your original stylist the opportunity to make it right, but are also happy to let you try someone new if you so desire.

please give us a call and let us help!



we are happy to exchange a product purchased from our salon for something that may work better for you!

The product must be minimally used.



Like all products that we consume and use on a daily basis, hair coloring and hair styling products may contain ingredients that you could be sensitive or allergic to. If this is a concern for you, or you have experienced sensitivities to hair products or cosmetics in the past, it is highly recommended that you discuss this with us at the time of booking your appointment. We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment to perform a patch test prior to your hair appointment. If it is found that you do show sensitivity, have an adverse reaction, or have been told by a physician the specific ingredient that you are reacting to, we are happy to research a product that is void of this ingredient. If this product is found and is available, we can place a special order for you and have that product available for you before your appointment at an additional charge.

Medications, diet, illnesses and other products used at home can sometimes be cause to a reaction or sensitivity that you were not expecting. In this event, should you decide to seek medical advice, we are able to immediately provide you and your physician MSDS information for all products used during your service. 


hair extensions are a big investment that you'll want to protect. you have to care for them properly in order to maintain their integrity and make them last.

your stylist will make certain that you understand everything that you'll need to do at home in order to take care of your extensions. it is of upmost importance that you follow the recommendations for products, brushing, drying, styling, etc.

if you are having any problems whatsoever, we are happy to help. adjustments can usually be done quite quickly. just give us a call!


As parents, we understand that sometimes the little ones must tag along, however, anyone not receiving a service cannot be on the salon floor due to safety reasons. Children must sit quietly in the waiting area.  If a child id being disruptive, we may need to reschedule your appointment.

tag alongs.

If you have a friend or a spouse accompanying you to your appointment, they must stay in our waiting area due to safety and space reasons. Its crazy back there, and unfortunately we don't always have a safe space for extra bodies. 

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